Monday, August 25, 2008

Welcome everyone to the 08/09 Bead Journal Project. I am Diane Moore, the moderator of the blogs (or blog angel however many who know me personally might question the angel part). If you have any questions or problems with the blog, feel free to email me and I'll try my best to help.
In the next few days I'll be adding a sidebar to the blog with a list of labels for your posts. Robin developed these so there would be some consistency within the blog especially for people who wanted to see a specific thing, say everyone's page for a certain month, or people who are asking for technical help.
I am a returning Bead Journal Project participant and am anxious to get started on the coming year. Last year I did heart shapes but I'm thinking of rectangles this year. If you are interested in seeing some of the work people did last year, there is a group on flickr with lots of great photos.
Again, welcome to the BJP - I'm certain you'll have an amazing year!


Sabine said...

Hello, Diane

Thank you for your welcoming words and for making the web world seem so easy to cope with. I will certainly need some angels to help me fly through the net.

Even before touching the first BJP bead, I have learned quite a lot electronically - like getting an inkling of the possibilities of communication and interaction.


shebaduhkitty said...

Thanks enchy,
is there going to be a flickr group for this year? or does it already exsist and I missed this somewhere?

itching to start!