Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hello from Winnipeg, Canada

Well, I’m single and no dependents my dozen or so orchids which my friends say are very similar to dependents! My second bedroom is supposed to be my sewing/crafts room but guess what – I can’t get in there for all the fabric, so the sewing machine etc are in the living and dining rooms – GRRRR! I’ve been working for 33 years now with Manitoba Agriculture (lately as a statistical clerk) and due to retire May 2010. I have various hobbies from photography, orchids, oil/acrylic painting, crocheting, various needleworks and a passion for all types of crafty things especially Angels (not knitting).

I do have a creative streak in me as I pick up various crafts, jobs, etc. and most times pull it off. But, I have an awful drawback too, I’m very particular in getting things as close to perfect as I can! LOL!

In all my years of sewing I did not venture into quilting until 1998 or so. Then in the fall of 1999, I saw an awesome wall hanging pattern with orchids (my other passion) on it and thus a must and the beginning of my new love of hand applique. Now that I’ve whet my appetite - I can’t seem to get enough of this! Especially when this branched into crazy patch and it’s unlimited types of embellishments which led me into beading. Then that led into fabric postcards which I just love cause I actually finish something off!!! Compared to the various other hobbies etc. that I’ve pursued I can see this one sticking around till I can’t do it anymore! God willing it’s many, many, many more years away yet! And now I’ve found quilting it’s gone a step further and I LOVE quilting retreats! I try to take in one in Alberta along with a couple here in Manitoba each year but would LOVE one day to go to one in Eastern Canada to meet those girls too!

So when I came across the 2007 BPJ, well I just had to sign up for the new year and hope to portray bits and pieces of my life in these monthly journals. The first of which is a tribute to my dear Mom, my heavenly Angel, and from there who knows. I would LOVE to incorporate these into a finished wall hanging or scrapbook but as yet that is undecided. Now onto the playing.

Rose Anne B
My Creative Works


a2susan said...

Welcome, Rose Anne! I'm sure you'll feel right at home among so many crafty people. I love what you say about your mom.

Robin said...

Wow, what an awesome path you've been on... I think you're soooooo ready for the BJP!!! Welcome on board.
Robin A.