Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here I am - Come and get me

It's near the end of my day and my mind is not on blogging, or beading - - well, most of my mind is not on blogging or beading. I have family coming for dinner, spur of the moment, and they scare the bej... out of me and the house is a mess because we just had our enclosed balcony torn apart and kinda put back together but not really s0 we have furniture in all the wrong places and rugs that are climbing the furniture and ...................
You understand?! Thank you.
I am Helene and I live in the western suburb of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have been needlepointing, embroidering, beading since the early '60's. Some of the learning was at my mother's knee, so to speak, and some of it has been trial and error with a few classes thrown in for good measure.
I came across this project through somebody else's website (I cannot remember whose) and I need the stimulation such a forum offers. I am hoping a theme will emerge within the first couple of months: having a theme helps enormously when planning, doesn't it.
I have 2 websites: here, and here, and I am running an 'apprenticeship' in design and beading. Visit when you have time.
And, I love mail, well, except for those selling viagra and worse. So, add your comments.

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feather said...

I checked out your website - the one that included the apprenticeship. Are you teaching or receiving? I wasn't sure. Is it OK for me to browse through and try some of the lessons?