Monday, August 25, 2008

Greetings from Malaysia


I am Norazihan a new member to BJP. I can be called Nora (which many of my foreign friends use) or Zihan (which is how my local friends call me by), I'll answer to either one.

I'm from Kuantan, hot and humid year around. August/September is the month of Independence for Malaysia. This year the majority Muslims will start the Ramadhan fasting early September. The celebration of Eidul Fitri will be early October. I will celebrate my birthday early September too. In the months of November and December we would have heavy tropical monsoon rain. It will be cooler and a lot wetter. I will bead my BJP around these events.

But then again, I'm not sure. I'm very nervous to begin. I hope I will overcome this fear of not putting up to standards and start my BJP. Plus, I've also Eidul Fitri dresses in line to bead embroidery.

My bead blog is Sulam Sayang (Love Embroidery)


abeadlady said...

Remember, Nora, you only have to have one bead on that page. It takes some of the pressure off starting. Some of my pages were totally beaded last year and some were not. Just relax and enjoy yourself.

The bad Liz said...

Do you prefer Nora or Zihan?

I didn't realize that Ramadhan is so early this year. I work at a hospital with many Muslims so I keep track of it. What a great idea to journal around the holidays of Islam. I look forward to seeing your ideas and sharing with my Muslim friends.....

Take care - Liz

CC said...

Hi, Zihan!
I have an online pal in Kuala Lumpur! We met on another group, so I know a bit about your holidays. How wonderful to bead them! But I'm sure you'll be very busy for Eidul Fitri!
After looking at your site, I think you do beautiful work!!!
Welcome & warmest aloha,
P.S. I hope this doesn't come thru' twice...something blipped down here! ;)

Norazihan said...

Arline, tks for the soft push :)

Liz, Nora sounds better coming from English speaking friends. Somehow when saying Zihan, they tend to have a long nasal sound "hennnn" at the end. (he.. he.. try it.) Whereas for a Malay the "han" would sound short like "khan" as in Gengis Khan or Kublai Khan with a softer "h" and ending "n" with tounge behind upper teeth. (hu.. hu..) Yes maybe I'll just work around the holidays of Islam. Do extend my "Salam" greetings to your muslim friends. And Happy Beading!!!

CC, greetings, tks for visiting my blog and complimenting my work. Yes the Islam holiday theme might just work. Wow! This is gonna be so challenging.....