Sunday, August 24, 2008

Greeting from the Northwest corner of Washington

Hi there!  My name (nickname) is Krispi Staude and I live on a little island in NW Washington with my husband in a log house in the middle of a forest.   It's remote and touristy, but we love it!  Unfortunately when you live in a touristy town, people think you do touristy stuff all the time..... alas.... we also have to work either in the tourist industry, county government, the schools, or other support agencies of businesses in our town.     
I participated in the first BJP, and was very happy with my pieces as we went along and in the final product.  This year as I was preparing for our county fair, I was surprised that I didn't have very many quilty things to enter.... I KNEW I was busy, so where were all the things?  Well, as you may have guessed, the time and energy went into the bead journal project.  I entered my final product in the Textile Department and won a blue ribbon!  Many people commented on how wonderful it was.   That made me feel good!  You can keep up with my stuff at my blogspot.
This year, I haven't decided on my format or theme.  I have entertained quite a few possibilities, but not sure which to actually commit to.  Time will tell...... Later!  CIAO!

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