Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hello from Ottawa!

Hi Everyone!!!
I am a BJP participant from last year and really look forward to the challenge I've presented myself this year!
Last year I focussed on techniques and different stitch or bead combinations. It made for some very interesting beading and I beaded on a 6 X 6 inch square. I didn't feel compelled to fill up the square, and hopefully I'll get the pictures up on the website this week.
This year, I'm focusing on more of a theme project. I want to bead 12 different Goddess's withing a circle mandala. I have cut out a circle, with a flat bottom and am trying to include all different colours. My beading surface is a quilt sandwhich with two layers of fiber between beautiful different materials from my local quilt shop. The material is a large part of my inspiration and I feel no obligation to worry about filling in all the spaces.
I am going to add information about each Goddess on the back of each page. I am really looking forward to this project and love the idea of doing a unified theme this year. I loved how last years project turned out and look forward to another 12 wonderful pages!!!
Have fun beading Everyone!!!


freebird said...

That's interesting Denise. It will be fun to see what you do with your goddesses. I did a theme last year and am trying to go a little more with just what comes (within a framework of color). We'll both be trying something new. Do you have a blog?

Denise said...

I do have a blog. It's
I hope to have some starting pictures up next week. School is back, the kids will be in school and I'll have some time to myself.
I think it's funny that I want more structure and you want less. I wonder where the balance is for each of us. At the end of the year let us remember this and see which fits.
Cheers, Denise

Robin said...

How great that you're back, Denise!!! And I love it that you and Heidi are both switching places on the curve. Goddesses appeal to me, so I'm looking forward to seeing how yours develop.

Robin A.

Carol said...

OMGosh, I can't wait to see your pages come alive!. I am new to bead embroidery and itching to do a doll. My life slows in the winter so I'll make time then. In the meantime, I am amazed of the ideas that are swirling around my mind for these pages.

Nice to meet you Denise.