Sunday, August 24, 2008

Intro - Joan C.

This summer has gone so fast - it doesn't seem like it should be time to start again! I'm a returning BJPer. My journal pages from last year are mounted on a stretched fabric square, and this year's pages will fit inside the square, so 2 years displayed together when it's done. That's determined my size for me - about 3x4". Last year was about defining my "style" of beadwork, this year it will be color and stitches. Last year someone had a post about trying new colors - you picked 3 numbers, and they corresponded to a list of colors (I think it was like 100!). I'm going to number my colors and randomly pick 3 for each month. How I put them together will be the challenge.

Personal info: I live "upriver" in Skagit county WA. I think we must smell beads in the air, so many beaders are out here in WA! I have 2 daughters, the oldest starts kindergarten in 2 weeks. My DH works insane hours, so the cost of daycare was more than I was making - this is the first summer I haven't "worked" since I turned 16. I've done various crafts since I could hold a needle. I want to be a bead artist when I grow up (whenever that may be).
Joan Cromley

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2008 Bead Journal Project said...

There are beads in the air here which come down in liquid form I think.

(another one from Washington)