Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hello from Wisconsin

Hi ! I am Jean from Wisconsin. I am a
beader and photographer. I have a blog
I joined 2007 Bead Journal Project last
year. I am glad that I didn't give it up
after my third project as it was so much
I am done with my last project~ May Page
about a week ago.
I might change the theme or size. You will
have to wait and see.


Tracey N. said...
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Robin said...
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Robin said...

Your climatis pin is just fabulous! Welcome back, Jean!

Robin A.

Tracey N. said...

Sorry about that! I had to remove that post due to numerous spelling errors. You would think I would learn to do a preview before posting, wouldnt you?? Anyway, where about in WI are you located? I am in Janesville. LOVE your flowers. What a neat choice to make a pin. Good luck on the 2008 project. I am commited to finishing all 12 pages (maybe I will need to BE commited after they are done) Good luck! Tracey

Robin said...

Oh, golly, Tracey... you gave me such a chuckle with your comment above... at least you'll be in good beaderly company! Robin A.

abeadlady said...

You finished up the year just as beautifully as you began it. Looking forward to seeing your new projects.


KV said...

Welcome back, Jean!

Kathy V in NM