Friday, August 29, 2008

Ready ... steady ...

My predominant sensation at present is: ANTICIPATION. (Do some of you remember the fantastic way the leading character in the film Rocky Horror Picture Show, Frankenfurter, articulated the word An-tici-pation?)

The countdown is running:

29th August: Concentration on BJP plans is intensifying.

30th August: At last I will switch from theory to practice - make the pattern, get my stuff together. What a shambles: Where is this material, where is that tool? I always consider myself so well organized, but when it comes to the point, the big search starts ... Searching has one advantage: You always find great things that you had completely forgotten are in your stash.

31st August: Some weeks ago, I bought a very nice plastic container, without having a particular use for it in mind, I just liked it - and it was cheap. From now on, its purpose is clear: It will hold all my BJP stuff by and by. Provided that the basic paraphernalia have already been found and are now sitting in that container, should I let my itching fingers have a go at a prototype?

1st September: GO!!!

Best wishes for a happy start,


Drea said...

Haha, I read your post & could clearly hear Frankie's voice:

"I see you shiver, with an-tici (say it, say it!) pation!" ;o)

But seriously, it's great to hear how amped up everyone is getting, and how much thought & energy is going into each journal... It's going to be very fun to watch this project unfold!

Robin said...

Thanks for making it so much fun! There's angst about choices and size and I hear a bit of angst in your post (as in prototype?!)... but at the same time there's a strong sense of fun through all of our posts! Yay! Robin A.

Robin said...

When I commented yesterday I didn't dare hope it was you, Sabine in Germany! I am so very delighted that you're with us this year!!!! More yay! Robin A.

Sabine said...

Hi, Drea, fellow Rocky Horror fan! It's very nice to have someone fall in with this little sideline remark.

And yes, like you, I really enjoy the BJP group spirit that literally spans all five continents. We will all have a good time.

Robin, thank you so much for your two comments and the enthusiastic greeting. I am totally happy to have taken the plunge this year, and will stay put. The BJP atmosphere is quite different to what I (in my head) expected it to be last year, when I dropped out as soon as I had reluctantly made the commitment. Sometimes, things have to mature before you can start on them.

Robin said...

Yes, you're right about how sometimes things need to "mature" before being undertaken... You are not the only dropout from last year who is back and now much more ready for this experience. Your poems, your worldliness and your kind spirit will be a blessing for us during the year. Robin A.