Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hello Introduction

Hello Everyone,
I'm wildly excited about this BJP year and have been trying to decide format, style, technique, theme, background, size for my pieces. I started an experiment based on weaving techniques using some favourite colours and think that is what I'll use as technique, exploring the possibilities. The "default" size will produce finished pieces about 6x4 inches, based on my smallest tubular frame. I worry that I don't have enough beads to complete the year but that's probably just stash angst and magpie mentality, after all, I have a whole box drawer full and there's always the shops and the internet to order more.
Potted history: Grew up in Montreal, moved to Toronto (10 years), Bermuda (6 years), SW England. (16 years). Spent many years in Information Technology as a Technical Author and Quality Manager before retiring in 2004 to S of France. Have always stitched but only dabbled in beading. Love colour and abstract forms. New-ish to blogging at
Wishing all 260 of us loads of joy in this endeavour, and looking forward to a year of growth and pleasure in sharing.


beadbabe49 said...

hi your TIF work...I'm sorry to say I dropped out after 4 months but I still check it out to see what the rest of you are making...lovely work!
And retiring to the south of la la! Am I jealous, or what!

KV said...

Love your quilted pieces on your blog -- and I am willing to bet your beaded pieces will be just as lovely!

Kathy V in NM

jacquie said...

Hi, we visited Paris last year and ever since I have been bugging my husband that I want to move to France. Just wanted to say hi you lucky girl!
jacquie C.