Sunday, August 24, 2008

Glad to be back!

Hi Everyone,

I was also part of 2007 BJP and enjoyed it until some medical stuff happened (Thanks to Robin for posting for me a few weeks ago to explain all that :o) Thanks for all your prayers also!

Hoping to join this year with smaller projects planned to accommodate my medical condition. I know 2008 BJP will help keep me healing and keeping my spirits going in the right direction :o)

I want to thank Robin and Pam T and everyone who put another year together for us,

Lillian, who loves beads like everyone else!


Lois B said...

I'm so happy you're back with us this year, and feeling up to beading! Personally, I've found that doing any art form, but especially beading, heals my soul and makes me feel better in all kinds of ways. This year I'm going to work smaller, too, in hopes of finishing on time for a change. :- )

freebird said...

Welcome back Lillian. Hope your beading helps you feel better. I'm working smaller this year too. Much smaller! Maybe I won't be such a behinder.