Friday, August 29, 2008

Three Blogs?

I must have missed something..... why are there three blogs..... each seems to have currently dated entries.... what is the scheme of things there?  Are we supposed to choose one and stick with that one only?  I don't want to miss ANYTHING!  I would like to have blog numbers be sequential in terms of dates, but these seem to be continual.  Thanks.


freebird said...

Krispi, blogger won't let more than 100 people be authors of a blog so it was extended out to three. You can post comments on all of them but only post new entries on one. So try to read all of them as if they are one. Look for say, my postings on 08BJP and I will look over here to see what you've posted. It will be hard at first to keep up but as you know from last year, the postings will slow down and three main blogs won't be any trouble to keep up with in the long run.

jacquie said...

Hi KrispiS,
Ditto what freebird said, and if you want additional info, go to blog one and scroll down, you'll see the original posting and the whole story as to why there are three blogs.