Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hello, dear Fellow Beading-Journalists, and special greetings to Robin, the woman who kicked all this off and holds the beading strings in her hands.

Interesting community – interesting experiment! Last year, I did initially register, but dropped out again almost immediately. For several reasons, I just couldn't bring myself to taking part in the project. But this year – well, circumstances have not changed, but my attitude has, and so I am taking the plunge. I very much wonder what will happen and develop during the coming twelve months, inside and out.

Have I got a concept for my BJP pieces? Yes, I do. My little grey cells are teeming with construction plans, by and by the details are forming before my mind's eye. Hope the practical side will follow suit. The final mounting of the twelve „pages“ will not present a problem: I have an electric cable to fill, so to say – a cable running beneath my kitchen ceiling from the socket in the middle of the ceiling to the lamp hanging over the table. So, after twelve months, if all goes well, twelve ... hmmms will dangle from that boring, naked cable. I don't do a lot of cooking, so cooking fumes won't spoil them. The month of creation of the individual pages will in each case be identifiable by an accompanying text attached to them. No more for now.

Just a short introduction to my person: I was born in a town that was at the time a German town, but is now situated in Poland (if you attended history lessons, you can now roughly estimate my age). I have always enjoyed doing things with my hands, with the exception of drawing and painting. Eighteen years of my life I have lived as a foreigner in several places, i.e. places outside Germany. At present, I am living in a very pleasant town that I love, but refuse to say that I have settled down for good. This may be so, but I always need the back door wide open.

Alright, let's go, get together, learn new things and have fun!



a2susan said...

Hi, Sabine. I was reading an historical fiction book that said there was a village that was half in Poland and half in Germany and that you could be sleeping (bedroom) in Poland and eating (kitchen) in Germany. Don't know if it's true or not but sounds like you're from a place like that. Welcome to the BJP!

Sabine said...

Thanks for your comment, a2susan. What an interesting point you made! Only the other day I read in the newspaper about a family that lives in a house partly on German, partly on Belgium territory. They have to cope with loads of complications concerning taxes, schooling and the lot. So far the authorities refuse to find a solution.

In my case, and I admit I did not make this clear at all, it is just that I was born during World War II, and my birthplace was lost as a result of that war, and now belongs to Poland. It is not that I bear a grudge or anything, that would be silly - to me it is just an interesting fact. Looking further back into history, you will find that that particular area and its neighbour territories have changed nationality German/Polish and vice versa several times.

Since then, I have moved around a lot and live somewhere else now.

By the way, I love historical novels. If they are well researched, they can even teach you things that a dust-dry history lesson couldn't. And if they are well written, they are ever so entertaining!

freebird said...

Hi Sabine. Hope you stick with us this year. It will be a rewarding journey for you. It was for me so I am trying it again.

Sabine said...

Hello, Freebird.

Thank you for your encouragement! I am so glad that the BJP goes into its second year, and I am getting a second chance.

Will be seeing more of you,