Saturday, September 6, 2008


I am working on my September Piece. I am sure my work can use a lot of input from others. I am already thinking of what to do for October. My block for this month is in memory of my oldest son who died from lung cancer in 2005. This is a hard month for me and working on it has brought me much pleasure. We miss him a lot. He had one child and she loves to craft like I do. I can't wait 'til she comes and sees my block. I have two other children and they are very supportive of me and all the time I spend in my sewing room, so is my husband. He has put up with me for a lot of years.
Thanks for the opportunity to do this every month and I look forward to learning new and wonderful things.


abeadlady said...

Having lost both my children at young ages ( son 10 y/o and daughter 21 y/o) I can understand your feelings. Last year I did a piece for my children. If you look on the BJP website under my name, you will see my "Pool of a Mother's Tears" as my November page. It helped me tremendously to do this page. This is just what BJP is all about; putting your feelings down in beads.


a2susan said...

Dear Betty, Sending you comforting hugs as you work your way through your piece. I am sorry for the death of your son, and hope that this ends up being a healing process for you. Susan

Satu-Marja said...

Dear Betty,
I'm so sorry for your loss.
I wish that you could find this BJP even as a tiny,little help to process your sorrow by sharing and with your beading creativity.

barbiq said...

Betty, I'm so glad that you are participating in this project. Like you, I too like to create pieces that are a tribute to someone or some thing that affected my life in a special way. Dedicating a piece to your son is so special and I know that it makes you feel good to honor him in such a way.
Anyway, talk about a small world! You let me know that your husband is from Norwich, CT and guess what? So is mine! He wasn't born there, but spent his youth there and much of his adulthood!
It never ceases to amaze me that when we spread out so wide there is always a link to home!

heidibeads said...

Hi Betty,

What a wonderful thing to do, a page in honor of your son. My hopes are that you heal from it and that you continue to make art. I did a page for my mother and father last year and spend lots of time crying which is a good thing. I'm looking frward to seeing your page - sending comfort hugs your way.