Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Am I here yet?

Hi everyone! I have been trying to get the hang of blogging since the end of August and with the help of pamtru over this w/end I just might have it!
Anyway, I am really anxious to get going on this project, and I have my plan already and set to go---I am so happy to be among all you creative people and looking forward to seeing everybody's work. I was so impressed with the entries for the 2007 BJP and can only imagine how spectacular 2008 will be!
Just to announce myself--my name is Barbara, but my co-workers years ago dubbed me barbiq. I am an ultrasonographer and I work full time and I try to unwind by beading and quilting in my spare time. I live in northwestern Connecticut--very woodsy and picturesque although I was a city girl originally from Hartford, CT--a small city but a capital city just the same--and I still work there. I hope to touch base with some of you if not all in the near future. So here's to a very interesting and creative year--can't wait!!!!


abeadlady said...

Welcome to BJP. You will find this is a great bunch of beaders who are willing to share ideas and be supportive. Glad you are with us.


a2susan said...

It looks like your blog is off to a great start. I had never blogged before this project and am amazed at what I have learned. After a full year of blogging I decided to watch the tutorial videos and they really helped, especially with the placing of the photos.

Yours, Susan

KV said...

Welcome, Barbara!

Kathy V in NM

pam T said...

Hi Barbara!!!
You did it - you are blogging! I never did this before last year either, and you will be amazed how second-nature it will become...

Betty said...

My husband is from Norwich Ct. We live in rural NC an I am looking forward to the new expierence of beading and following everyone's work. Happy beading.

heidibeads said...

Welcome Barbiq from another CT resident! I'm in Manchester! Looks like you've got the blog thing under control - hope to see lots of good things.