Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Old stuff popping up

In my last post I said that a good old search through the stash always uncovers something that you had completely forgotten about. That was prophecy. I found something wonderful: A clothes-peg apron that my grandmother once embroidered for me. In some places it is worn and torn beyond repair, but I could never throw it out. There is not enough intact fabric left to do twelve BJP pieces with, so I will integrate a little into each piece. The embroidered part will be cut out and used for something else.

Have I finished my first piece? No. There are still 27 days to go in September, plus the rest of this day ... But I have done the machine sewing, and a LOT of thinking until late last night, because, having arrived at a certain point, I found that my original plans for part of the piece would never work. Thinking always works - I found a solution.

The thoughts you think during and because of the BJP that you might never think without it ... The selfmade little problems, and the selfmade great solutions ...

I am off to instal my brand-new scanner to do something with very old stuff (also BJP-related). Please cross your fingers/hold your thumbs that I can tackle the installing!

See you, Sabine


Robin said...

Let us know how the scanner installation went.. OK? Hope it was "a piece of cake!" I love your idea for integrating the apron your grandmother embroidered for you... it is a treasure and will give such a delicious flavor to your BJP pieces!!!!

Robin A.

Sabine said...

It was a "piece of cake", I have even finished with my scanning job. You can unlock your fingers and thumbs, and thank you.

Yes, that apron ... I will take a photo of it before I cut it up. When I started on this project, I thought, why should I find a theme? Things developing as they are, a theme definitely is finding me. However, I cannot put it into words yet. Probably the words will find me, too.