Saturday, September 6, 2008

Notes to Self - Crimp Beads and Bead Embroidery

State of Brain: Manic
There is so much I want to accomplish today. Some of it is done. But there is so much more to do and I'm going to have to break off in less than an hour to get dinner out of the way.

One thing I got done is to add to my blogs: and

What makes that so important? There's a new book out there for bead embroiderers and since I've read some of the entries of my fellow beaders here at the BJP08 who want to discover the techniques of adding beads to their embroideries, I thought you might like to look it up.

And I learned how to make my own crimps thanks to Melody MacDuffee's work with the people of Krodo District, Ghana, West Africa. I feel so liberated from having to pay an arm and a leg for commercial crimps. And the story of her Soul of Somanya Project is uplifting. See what it's all about by visiting my 2 blogs. ...Glass0...

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KrispiS said...

WOW! Go take a look at the technique for making your own crimp beads! It's fabulous!