Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Inspiration for the journal

As a practise first attempt at blogging I set up - Here I'm going to keep a diary of our move to the country village of Amari, in the middle of the island of Crete (already live on the north coast but in the middle of the busy, touristy area so am looking forward to some peace and quiet to get on with my textile work).
Hope you like the photos of the area, I'm hoping they will inspire me!


jacquie said...

I'm looking forward to your photos! I love travel!

jacquie C.

abeadlady said...

Your flower pictures are beautiful. Can't wait to see the area where you are living. Welcome to BJP.


KV said...

Welcome, Katerina. Although I am of Greek descent I have never been to Greece or Crete. It will be fun to visit there vicariously through your blog entries!

Kathy V in NM