Thursday, September 18, 2008

Adding the BJP button

Can someone please let me know how to add the BJP button to my own blog and also how to make just the one word the link to your own blog. I have been catching up with others and really love the fact that there is a button on the blog to identify them. this is my blog which is slowly coming along and will have more pictures in a couple of months after I move to broadband. Diane


The bad Liz said...

Hi Diane - the way that I added the button was to right click on the button where you find it and save that to your hard drive. The go the the dashboard of your blog, and choose layout for your blog. The you can "add a gadget", choose "picture" from the list - and get more ideas....add in the button from your computer (remember where you saved it), hit the saved key and it should be there.

Hope this helps.

KrispiS said...

To add a link from your entry to the BJP blog to your personal blog, here are the instructions given last year.... I saved it on my desktop because I don't do it often enough to have it memorized yet! LOL! You can see that this was posted by Robin at the very beginning of last years' BJP, so you know it works!

How to do LINKS in your post

It's sooo easy!

Write your text in the text window.

Highlight any word or phrase you want linked by the click and drag method.

Click on the link symbol (picture of globe and chain), located on the tool bar at the top of the text box. This will open a small window for you to add your link information.

Select type of link. Generally this would be the default setting (http:) used for a link to a website or blog. Sometimes, if I want to post a link to an email address, I click the dropdown arrow to select (mailto:) the setting for linking to email.

Type in the URL of your link. If you want the link to work properly, you must type every detail of it correctly. I don't trust my typing that much. If you're like me, minimize the posting window and open a new window in your browser. Get the website or blog online. Highlight the URL from the Address bar, right click on it, select copy. Close or minimize the window. Return to the posting window, right click on the blue-highlighted http: in the URL box, and click paste. The correct URL should now be seen in the box.

Click OK to close the link window. You should now see your link highlighted like this: (Robin's blog - new post). The underline, colored text indicates you were successful in making your link. When you finish posting, click PUBLISH, then VIEW BLOG.

Check your link! When viewing your post, click on your link to make sure it works properly. 99.9% of the time it will work fine. Once in a great while, I'll highlight a URL to copy, but miss a little bit on the end. If your link doesn't work, you can go to edit posts, click on edit and re-assign the link using the same steps as above.