Tuesday, September 9, 2008

About beading foundation

I haven't got that much experience, so I'd like to know about your beading secrets ;-)
I've mainly used Lacy's stiff staff as my foundation, but now I'm wondering if there might be a different alternative to it . Sometimes stiff staff turn into too hard surface to bead into, if there is glue on it. Any exprience of that?
  • What kind of beading foundation are you using ?
  • If you're beading on a fabric, is there something to consider about?
  • What kind of paper would do a good foundation? Or is there any?
Thank you !
Be..ad happy!


pam T said...

I used the Stiff Stuff last year, but then switched to EZ Felt, so far I like it... Also used Timtex, which is like the stiff stuff, and you can paint it, color it, sew it, so it ends up being whatever color background you want. The good thing about EZ felt is it comes in colors.

heidibeads said...

Hi Satu-Marja, I used Timtex last year and enjoyed it but this year, I'm using paper (I got it from Robin) as a stabilizer under cotton fabric. I find it easy to use and less bulky if that's what you're looking for. The timtex is great like pam t said you can paint it, use markers, etc and it's firm. I have't tried EZ felt but I think I may. Have a great day.

a2susan said...

I think any type of foundation will be hard to bead through with glue. Maybe you can mark the area you want to glue something on and leave it for last - or don't have the glue go to the edge of what you're glueing so you can still go through the stiff stuff.
The problem with 3 blogs is that I know this has been discussed before but don't know where.....

Sabine said...

Hello, Satu-Marja,

There were two posts in Blog No. 2 that discussed backing. I am in a bit of a hurry right now, so I will just give you details of the posts, no links (I would have to look up directions how to do links). I think you can find both posts easily with the following details, just scroll back far enough in Blog No. 2:

1) (older post), title "Beading Backing?" by Marty S, with 16 comments.
2) (newer post), title "Backing, etc." by Cynjon, with 4 comments.

Hope this helps.
All the best, Sabine

MizDenise said...

Searching posts in all three blogs is really easy using bloglines.com. More details in my comment to DeeD's suggestion to subscribe to bloglines for free.

I also just learned how to put links in a comment if you don't know html: I opened a new post window & typed my response, using their linking feature. Then, I cut and pasted the thing over to this comment. A little klunky, but it worked.

flying fish said...

I bead directly on to wool felt then I cover the stitches and the back of the whole thing with fabric or more felt. If I want it stiff and it's going to be a non wearable (not exposed to weather) I'll sandwich a piece of card stock between the layers of felt or fabric.

Satu-Marja said...

Oh -you have given me ( an of course to all of us)so many nice tips and helpful things!!

Thank you!<3

Now I only need to try out and find the perfect one, cause all the foundations you mentioned ( except stiff staff), are new stuff to me.

Sabine said...

Ooh, mizdenise, thanks for letting us know about your link-idea. Klunky or not, it is clever, and it would never have entered my head.

Thanks again, Sabine

KV said...

For what it's worth, if you simply baste (with needle and thread) your fabric to whatever foundation material you are using instead of using glue things will go more smoothly. Haven't found a beading needle yet that will go through glue . . .

Kathy V in NM