Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Practice Page

For anyone who cares too look, I have posted my first ever bead embroidery piece that I did last month to see if i could actually "do" bead embroidery. Comments or constructive criticisms are welcome! Tracey


Sabine said...

Dear Tracey,

if that is your very first piece of bead embroidery - what will the second, the third piece be like? You must be a natural talent. We will get some eye-candy here!

I am very sorry you lost your dad this very hard way. At least you could be with him along the way, which must have helped him tremendously.

Nospoj said...

Wonderful first piece, and Welcome to the trip of a lifetime

Tracey N. said...

Sabine - Thank you so much! yes it was the most difficult thing to do, to watch your beloved father waste away right before your eyes. At least his suffering is over now.

nospoj - thank you! i am very excited about my second piece as well. So much fun all I want to do is BEAD BEAD BEAD!!