Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A cautious start

I made a start on my September page & posted to my blog (scroll down to after the TIF post). A quick question - is there an easy way to look at the blog of the person who posts here or do we have to always include a link to our blogs?

I wondered how it would work - September's page is actually thoughts carried over from August - you may think I'm daft, but I really worried about that and now that I've started, it's no problem at all.


Robin said...

It's best to always include a link to your own blog.

If I'm referencing a specific post on my blog, I link to just that post. Do you know how to do that?

At the end of the post I sign my name and make it a link to me blog (which will send the reader to the most current post on my blog).

I don't think you're daft at all... just cautious at the start... you'll find that sometimes your thoughts take you away from your current month, even sometimes into the distant past or future... but it's all OK, all good.

Robin A.

KV said...

If you click on the name at the top of each comment, it will take you to the Blogger profile which in turn will lead you to that person's blog listings.

There is also a list on the right-hand side of this blog page that lists all the participants -- clicking on their name will take you there, too.

Kathy V in NM