Friday, September 5, 2008

Returning Member

Hi from the Pacific Northwest of the US. I am a returning member of the BJP and so excited to think of the few hundred of us, all around the world, working on the same project.

Last year my page was heart-shaped and though it was fun and sometimes a challenge, I'm going to do 5 x 11 inch rectangles this year (no more curves and points!). Last year was my first attempt at bead embroidery and was a year full of learning for me. I've still a lot to learn and this year I plan to focus on technique and incorporating more texture into my pages.

I live in a semi-rural area (it was rural when I moved here, not so much these days) of Washington State with 4 dogs, 6 cats and a goofy musician. I have one grown son who was married this past spring and work at a community mental health center during the day and do most anything that involves fabric the rest of the time.

I'm happy to be back and can't wait to see everyone's work!


a2susan said...

Diane - okay, I know this is rhetorical, but last year was the first time you ever did bead embroidery? I am blown away by your talent, and certainly assumed you were an old pro. And now you're going even bigger...

heidibeads said...

Diane - I agree with a2susan - blown away by your hearts last year. This year is going to be awesome and BIGGER!

Mountain Salt Studio said...

Thanks so guys - I did READ a lot about bead embroidery - for years I read about it and collected beads and was envious of people who could actually do it - Last year I finally did it.