Saturday, September 6, 2008

My first BJP baby

Hello BJP friends!

How are you?

My name is Satu-Marja and I'm from Finland. BJP is all new to me and I'm soooo excited about this that I got my first BJ-page done today.

I started with something primitive almost childlike piece, but it goes without saying that I enjoyed doing it, and that's the main thing, right?!

I wish you all very creative and enthusiastic beading moments!


Marty S said...

I saw your tree on your blog. It's very creative. I wish I could read Finnish so I could read about your process.
Marty S

abeadlady said...

Your first piece is lovely. So glad you were able to join BJP this year. Welcome.

Arline in California

Lois B said...

I really like your page. Using real tree bark was a great idea.

Satu-Marja said...

Thank you marty s, abeadlady and lois b! <3

Marty s: I agree with you - In continuation it would be a good idea for me to explain my process in english too, so it would bring along the sense of sharing. So thank you.

heidibeads said...

Hello Satu-Marja, Welcome. I just checked out your page and I love the piece you did. It's wonderful. My grandfather came from Finland - last name Niemi which is like Smith or Jones over here. Got to visit in 1990 and I love Finland. It is such a beautiful country. I will be visiting often via your blog (with translator on). Wonderful first page.

Satu-Marja said...

Thank you Heidi!
I'm so glad to read your comment.
I also visited your site and there are really fine beadingworks!

I try to post more in english in my blog later on, and that way share my BJ feeligs :-)
This is very nice project to be in because of the wonderful ppl and all!
Have a nice day Heidi!