Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Second January Page

Today I used the excuse of snow to stay home from the office and finish my 2nd January page. Now I need to let my fingers heal up before I start February (or learn how to use a thimble).


Robin said...

Diane's Jan #2 page is a MUST SEE!

If you find thimbles uncomfortable (or my problem is that the metal ones always come off so I'm constantly struggling and being in akward positions to keep it on), I have an easy solution for you... This leather thimble (scroll half way down) works so well that I forget I have it on my finger. I have large hands and use a size meduim (they do stretch a tad over time). Try it... I bet it will forever change your attitude toward thimbles and preserve your previously punctured pinkies!

Robin A.

Mountain Salt Studio said...

thanks Robin - I'll get myself to the quilting store this weekend - I'm certain Charles will be happy to have me not saying "OW" every few minutes.