Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Hint of the Ocean

Here is a teasing picture of the December page of my Goddess pages. I am catching up on my pages now that I am not in school. I had fun playing with Picasa and creating a soft teaser. The face is by Lydia Fairbanks, I've had it for a long while and it was a pleasure to finally use it. I took the time to start each page in that particular month and I will start January's too. I still have to finish October's and November's.
Check it out at http://bitsofbeads.blogspot.com/
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Robin said...

The burnt sienna is really pretty, yes... and it's fun to play with photos, isn't it?! But the real colors of your beading, the colors of water and seaweed are so much prettier!

Robin A.

Denise said...

The colours and textures are what make beading so fascinating. I agree with the colours!
Thanks Robin