Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ohhhh my but Robin is not going to be happy with me at all, hey I'm not myself either!!! See I signed up for this 12-month postcard journal project with a whole load of ensthusiasm and honest intentions and even planned out the whole YEAR's pages along with the write ups and where am I????

Yeah, you guessed it, not even the first one completed!!! BUT I have started it and am working on it in amongst the other projects on the go too!!! I've even pulled out the leaves for the October page too so hopefully that won't take as long as September's BUT November is another that might take some time putting together! I've decided I'm getting a photo album that holds two 4 x 6 photos/page and pulling out the inside divider sheet and that way you can view the fronts and the back blurbs (they are all preapred ready for print offs) too! I'm not sure about putting them into a wall hanging - this will have to suffice for now.

I just have to get going on these and they'll get done, not sure if on time though!!!

Rose Anne, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA


Robin said...

How could I possibly be unhappy with you when you are obviously working on it as much as you can???? You've already done a lot of the work... planning & preparing. I can tell that you really want to stick with this project... and that's what is important! My suggestion is to put a certain number of hours on your calendar or your to-do list each week for working on your BJP pieces. Then do it even if it means cutting corners somewhere else. I look forward to seeing September's page when you've finished it. Hugs, Robin A.

sam said...

The beauty - and freedom - of the BJP is that there are no bjp police looking over our shoulders. I haven't sewn a single bead to November's page and have decided to just move on with December's (I'll catch up later when there's a few days of another month leftover...). When you get it done you'll get it done. And it will be a sweet to look at then as it would have been now.