Monday, December 15, 2008


Sorry about the spelling mistakes. Thought my spelling check was on and did not check my spelling. My blog address is This is just a test to see if I can get on my blog from BJ08. Lise Pederson


Robin said...

Lise and Evelyn ~ Well, I see your blog is up... and looking VERY nice! I love the idea of sharing a blog with an art friend. It will spread out the pressure to post frequently and be fun for both of you.

I'm looking forward to your first posts with pictures of your Sept. Oct and Nov. projects!!!!! Whoooeee!

Beady blessings, Robin

pam T said...

ah, great idea, sharing a blog with someone! Takes the pressure off! I too am looking forward to seeing your pages so far!

freebird said...

Went to your blog from this blog. It worked fine. Looking forward to seeing some work.