Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Idea For Future BJP!!!!

The Bead Maven, Scarlett Lanson, of Beadwork Magazine writes a post about the BJP here and shares that she is unofficially participating along with us.

bead embroidery by Scarlett Lanson
Here's a detail of her page. She beaded a cover for a blank book journal.

For those of us who like to write, sketch or paint journal entries, this is a fabulous idea! We could bead journal covers for each month and at the same time journal in the book. At the end of the year, we'd have 12 beaded journals filled with our thoughts and ideas for each month during the year. I might give this a try next year!!!! Sweet, huh!

Happy new year, everyone!

Robin A.


Scarlett Lanson said...

Thanks for posting about my project, Robin!

There are more photos on my site for those who are interested, and info about the project. I also talk a little more about it in one of my comments. This design will be a project tutorial in my upcoming book. I hope participants look out for it in the future! I will also be posting future journals on my blog

It's been so fun following all of the participants progress on these great blogs. Keep up the fabulous work!

~Beads, Bliss, and Blessings~
*Scarlett Lanson*
"Scarlett's Style"
Beadwork Contributing Editor

Cindy said...

I liked the idea that you have Robin, but originally thought it might be a bit daunting. I was thinking a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2" journal. But after reading Scarlett's blog I see she used a small moleskin, that is very, very doable. I actually have purchased some on sale at Borders. I might try doing this starting with the New Year! Why not!

As always, another great idea to get the creativity flowing!

Scarlett Lanson said...


The great thing about the small size is that not only does it make the beading more doable for a months time, but if you choose to use the journal for a record of the beading month you can also write in the whole book within the month. I use the Moleskine sketch journal which has thicker pages and only 80 pages to fill. With the thicker pages you can use markers, post photos, and take a scrapbook approach to it. If it seems overwhelming to do it monthly, you could just make one and use it as a "bead inspiration" journal, jot down ideas that pop into your head, and sketch out your design ideas - it's small enough to take with you anywhere in your purse or pocket. Hope to see your projects in the future!

~Beads, Bliss, and Blessings~
*Scarlett Lanson*
"Scarlett's Style"

RoseMaryJ said...

This book looks awesome, Scarlett! What a fabulous piece for a book. I, too, found inspiration for the page sizes from a bound book...but then I ripped it apart! Ha, more about that later. Your idea for the small sketch book size is so convenient, we never know when the muse will strike!
Rose Mary