Monday, December 8, 2008

Little something to confess..

Hello beaders and greetings from Finland!

You have all been so industrious doing fine, wonderful BJ-pages and I can only congratulate you for that and in the same breath to confess that I'm left behind! :o/
Besides that I've had a change of heart (literally) about to my pages. Originally I was thinking to bead hearts, because it's really "my thing" but then at the last moment I chose differently and started with base sized 3,1×5,3 inches. That's not for me and in a way I've put myself on the spot with that choice . So it's a time for a fresh start for me.
Atleast I have a lot of ideas to my yet unborn beaded hearts... That's something, right?! :o) Hopefully I'm getting there where you all are, with the smile on my face!

Happy beading to everybody!


Kiwi Ellen said...

Satu-Marja I did the same thing last year & again this year too LOL So don't worry, you will catch up - I look forward to seeing what you come up with

Robin said...

Ellen is right... pick up your heart and start to bead!!! I'm glad you figured it out before too many months rolled by. Beady blessings, Robin A.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the support Kiwi Ellen and Robin!<3

Pst..I've already beaded my September heart, but I will post it later on :o)

Glass0Beads said...

I visited your blog Satu-Marja. Oh you do pretty things. And some really challenging things. You have a pair of stud earrings with pink pearls and seed beads that, if you were to add the instructions, I would love to learn how to make.
With your talent, it won't take you long to catch up and pass us.
Helene ~~Glass0Beads

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your comment Helene! <3 You are a sweetheart.

You can find the tutorial for beaded bead on this lovely(!!!!) blog under Categorie Schemas. Tutorail is called La Baroca Bead.
I've used smaller beads in my beaded bead, but for the first time it's good to do with the bead sizes as it says in instruction - atleast I did so. Enjoy!

pam T said...

Like I just posted to someone else in the BJP - that first bead is always the hardest! Suddenly you shall be struck with inspiration and shall catch up just fine! listen to your heart(s)!!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

So true pam T! Been there, done that and it is so great to go with the inspiration flow!
Thanks! :o)