Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October finished

My October piece is done. See it here:

Jeanette Shanigan

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Stone Age Diva said...

Oooooh, Lady Bead,
You have opened up for intaspection, the secret that so many families hide. Overdose on prescribed drugs is not frequently visited by many folks. If they hear it on the news they shake their heads in a lack of understanding. Often, when it happens in a family they would never admit such a thing could happen so close to home. It becomes a festering skeleton in their closet.
You tried for years to encourage your family to do the healthy thing. When good ol' Dr. Jaconette took on Gordon as a pain management specialist he simply began to overdose him. I too, was his patient for awhile and found myself unconscience in a chair or on the floor with his prescribed muscle relaxers and the methadone treatment. The good Dr. assured me that he has truck drivers on methadone who function just fine. I quit him and methadone treatment cold turkey and am glad to be alive.
You are waving a warning flag to everyone that Dr.s overdose people. Everyone beware. This could happen to you or a loved one by your very own good Dr.
I applaud you, Jeanette for your bravery. You are sending a loud and painful message out and I hope that it will touch someone out there and save a life. Any drug which renders a person unconscious or so out of it that they can no longer function IS NOT THE ANSWER.
Mike Ann