Saturday, October 11, 2008

Angela and Susan - MD BJPers

Last week I got to meet Angela P (2 years BJP) and Susan E (new BJP member this year) while teaching in Baltimore, MD.

As we stitch through the year, we connect on the internet, realize how much we have in common, get to know and like each other... That's a very special part of the BJP... Then, later, to meet in person is so easy. It's like we already know each other... the shyness and formalities of meeting evaporate into instant bonds. I love it!!!

Pictures here on my blog.

I'm lovin' everybody's Sept and Oct BJP pages... The bar is very high!

Robin A.


abeadlady said...

Our cheery Robin is back! So glad you had a wonderful time in Baltimore. Is't it too bad that we all can't get together at least once? We can only dream....


Robin said...

Yes, that would be a dream come true! Maybe at least a few of us can meet if/when we get an exhibition somewhere.