Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hi Folks,

Just a reminder during this time of Valentines, please take the time to bead a heart square for the 2009 breast cancer quilts. The guidelines and free patterns for heart squares can be found on my web site: Of course, you can also design your own square using any beadwork technique.
BTW, the completed quilts can be seen here: Those folks who already contributed squares are invited to print themselves an appreciation/participation certificate.
The deadline for me to receive heart squares is March 15, 2009, only a month and a half away. If you've been meaning to do a square, now may be the time to get started!
Jeanette Shanigan


a2susan said...

Jeanette, I just made a square this weekend. It will go to my bead guild (Great Lake Beadworkers Guild) here in Michigan and they are going to send a bunch to you.


beadbabe49 said...

thanks for the timely reminder, jeanette!