Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BJP December


I have just finished the December page, if you want, you can see it at
Congratulations for all your beautiful works, it's 'superbe'


a2susan said...

I love this page! Your daughter may be in art school, but it's easy to see where she got her talent from. How delightful!

pam T said...

Very cool! I like this a lot!

heidibeads said...

I think this is a great page - your daughter and you must both be very creative! It's so fresh!

Muriel said...

Many thanks Susan, Pam and Heidi.Robin asked to me how I have made the tubes of paint, I explain here:
Cut a little bit of wood( used for skewers), cut more or less small if you want to do tubes more or less used. Then roll it in a piece of pewter leaf, a little bigger than the bit of wood and glue it( the pewter leaf was in my husband's toolbox, it seems like aluminium paper but it's more thick and a face was sticky).
Crease the ends, pin a bead or glue it if you prefer, and glue a strip of coloured paper on the tube.
Please, let me know if my explanation is understandable or not.

Robin said...

Oh thank you, Muriel!!!! Your explanation is perfect. How clever you are! This page makes me smile every time I see it. Robin A.

Sabine said...

This is a lovely page, Muriel, with so many delightful details to look at for a long time.


Satu-Marja said...

This is so lovely!