Sunday, August 2, 2009


I know I've been missing for quite some time, but I have been working on my bjp pieces. This is my completed June piece. It is in memory of my husband of nearly 37 years whom I lost on May the 3rd to COPD. It has been very hard for me to continue this as he always encouraged me to try new things.I used ribbon, rubber stamping wired beads and embroidery stitching to sew on the photo I scanned onto fabric. This is something I have learned to do while working on these blocks. I love working with the Delicas.
I also completed July. It was a UFO from a yard sale box. I addedbugle beads,sequins, charms and letter beads to turn a red and white heart into a red white and blue heart. It was quite fun. Only August left to go!


pam T said...

Beautiful, Betty! very very nice the one in memory of your husband. Take his encouragement and run with it, and keep on trying new things, being creative will help SOOOO much to work out feelings and sadness. My heart goes out to you.

Robin said...

What a dear piece you made about Jimmy, the love of your life and husband of 37 years. It's so beautiful and so apparent how dear was your relationship. It says more than you can say with words, don't you think? With this piece you have let us into your life, we understand to some extent the loss you are feeling and we care about you. Guess I shouldn't speak for others, but it certainly is true for me. As Pam suggests, always remember Jimmy's encouragement... let him live in everything you create.

Hugs, Robin

Marty S said...

I'm sorry about the loss of your husband. This is a lovely way to remember him.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

a2susan said...

Dear Betty,
I'm so sorry for the death of your beloved husband. COPD is a terrible illness, I hope he had some peace at the end. Your bjp is full of love for him, and the love he had for you and your creativity.